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Young Ryan and PCs

I love old photos, especially when they are with me and a computer.  Every picture like this captures me in a trance, locked in on the PC with an unmoving gaze that I see in my own children today.   The difference though, I was using DOS while they are making worlds in Minecraft.

I have no idea what I may have been doing in this picture, but I’m guessing I’m around 9 years old.  I was probably playing a game, but its also likely I was playing around in BASIC.

10 Goto 10

Halloween Wolverine

I dressed up like Wolverine. The kids loved it. Most parents however didn’t know who I was. WTF?

Guerrilla Self-Esteem Promotion

Recently, in my neighborhood, the roads re-surfaced with tar, then with small loose gravel. This sign used to say “Loose Gravel” but some awesome, yet unknown, neighbor decided to change them into something much better. This is the “Be Happy” version, the other 3 signs were changed similarly, with 2 others saying “Laugh Often!”

It was a good day.