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Star Trek, Logical Smogical

Why such a big red ball when a little one would do?
Why are Romulan mining ships so bad ass?
Why be so vengeful when you could go save your planet?
Why bother with ships if you can teleport across the galaxy?
Why a giant red crab monster on an ice planet? And why not very coordinated on ice, its only lived there its whole life.
Why drill a hole to the core when you don’t need to?
What would happen if the whole ball went up? Oh… just that?
Who’s going to save the whales now?
How did, a group of miners on a mining ship mind you, they know when Spock would arrive through his time travel trip through a black hole? Is there some standard function for determining when he would arrive?
Where do you hide a ship for 25 years so the federation can’t find it?

BTW, I really enjoyed the movie. It was great, even with these nagging questions.

Movie: In Bruges

I love my wife. She wanted to see a hitman dark comedy so I obliged. In Bruges did a lot of things right, and by right I mean a lot of things I wouldn’t expect a movie to do, but actually made sense.

A comedy it isn’t though. It has some funny stuff, which is mostly in conversation of crazy, racist people. And a midget.

Its worth seeing. Colin is a great actor too and he really shines in In Bruges. (I just wanted to write in twice.)

Go Speed Racer Go?

I took my 5 year old to see Speed Racer in the theater tonight. It was a Friday, 7:15 pm show. I was expecting a crowd. In total, there were 7 people in the theater. Granted it was also showing on the IMAX screen next door, perhaps more people went to that one.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie. It was fun and funny and exciting and cool and pretty. My kid loved it and gave the wife an ear-full when we got home. I hope the movie does ok in the box office, to help promote this different approach to films. Unfortunately, as of this moment the tomato meter is at 35%.

Film win, we’re big in Iowa

After an eventful weekend at a film festival in IA, and a broken sump pump which required my attention, I’m finally able to post an update. My film, Bill’s Big Pumpkins, took Silver in the Pro-Am Documentary category at the Cedar Rapids Film Festival in Cedar Rapids Iowa last weekend. Silver I guess is second place. It feels good to win something.

It was fun. I went with my wife, my BF from high school and his wife. We stayed at the lamest, 1970’s remodeled Ramada in Waterloo. It was an adventure that’s for sure. We didn’t plan much of anything and it was a real stress releaser. We just let whatever happen. We got the last two rooms at the Ramada too, so that was lucky.

We stayed later than we planed, sticking around to see another documentary called FRAG. FRAG is about the (or the theoretical idea of) professional video gaming. It was a really interesting subject, but… it was long and sooooo boring and repetitive. It was repetitive. Really repetitive, saying the same thing about 10 times, unnecessarily. I was really hoping it would be exciting and something to tell people about, but not so. So much potential. Still a good idea, and parts were done really well, but it did drag.

In preparation for the Speed Racer movie coming in May, I decided it was time to introduce the kids to the cartoon. It was nothing like I remember it. It’s almost laughable how weird it is but the kids still loved it.
In related news we recently moved our big TV from one wall to another. I took the opportunity to clean up the wires and get the laptop connected. I’m thinking media hub…