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Two Weeks of Class

The week before last, Week 2, in my GSP-380 class we had to get OpenGL to render a rotating diamond shape with a light source. The image shows the result with a function being called to draw the triangle normals.

This last week was about DirextX. I don’t know if I like DirectX. I think I approached it wrong, since I have some experience with OpenGL it seems really foreign. Regardless, for the assignment I had to get three spheres rotating around each other, like the sun, earth moon.

GSP 380 Week 1 Complete

I just finished my homework for week 1 of GSP 380, Multimedia Programming with Lab. This week it was pretty simple though I’m really looking forward to the weeks ahead.

This week I had to get VS 2008 Express and the DirectX SDK installed and then compile and run two programs, one using DirectX and one using OpenGL.

For the OpenGL assignment we had to modify the program, which is why you see a different color and an extra triangle.