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Latest Video: The Incident Security Cameras

Not too bad for 6 hours of filming and 4 hours of editing and effects.

This one shows a hallway at the Facility. Things are going along normally when something happens.

After The Incident, the scientist become mind controlled by multi-dimensional aliens (or some other sci-fi type story) and are seen here using some advanced technology.

I’m actually very happy with how it turned out. It was filmed with my old, and apparently trusty, Cannon GL1. Editing and special effects were done in Adobe Premier.

I’m Big in Minnesota

When I arrived at work late today, 9:30 am, I was greeted by my co-worker Chris. He had a strange grin and a WTF look. I was feeling sorta sheepish since I was so late. Been having a hard time sleeping lately since I’ve been up playing Final Fantasy XII. (Makes me think of the drinking problem joke in Airplane.) Anyway, Chris says he has to show me something and he pulls out Minnesota Monthly magazine.
Here’s a better image from the Solstice Film Festival slide show. That’s me second from the left.
Bill’s Big Pumpkins red carpet at the June 2007 Solstice Film Festival at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul. Pictured right to left: Gail Foss, Ryan Foss, Stephanie Nagel, Bill Nagel


2008 Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival
Silver Eddy Award
Pro-Am Documentary
Bill’s Big Pumpkins

Giant Pumpkin Seeds are a lot of work

As part of our promotion for my documentary film Bill’s Big Pumpkins we started selling packages of giant pumpkin seeds. We started doing it to help pay for the production and promotion of the movie. This, to my surprise, has been very well received. We’ve shipped more seeds than DVDs. I imagine we’ll keep doing it. We’ve met many interesting and exciting people in the process!

Here’s a picture of my last batch of seeds for the year. I lay out the seeds in lines, making sure each one has 10 seeds of the right kind, and then I package them up. This was something like 45 packages, two weeks ago. I’m down to less than 20 packages now! Not to surprising considering it will soon be time to put pumpkin seeds in the ground.

Interviewed… Butter City?

On Saturday, March 8th, Quantum Petshop (myself and co-filmmaker Bill Nagel) were interviewed on a PBS talk show called Butter City, a show about independent film in MN. It went quite well we think. It was weird and fun at the same time. Unfortunately the show wont air (state wide airing FYI, in Minnesota) until May.

Dan Orozco, the host, is a pretty good guy. He’s fun and a supporter of our unique style and comedy.

Really good show, Brass Kings

On Friday night, my best friend Bill and I filmed the Brass Kings performance at the Cedar Cultural Center. If you’re wondering, the Brass Kings are a kick ass folkish band. They provided most of the music in our documentary Bill’s Big Pumpkins. It was an incredible show.

What’s really amazing about the Brass Kings is that they are three men. One plays guitar and sings, one plays washboard, and the other plays a gut-bucket, essentially a metal tub with a broom stick and a rope. Unique to say the least, but it sounds awesome.

I may not have mentioned it much in my other posts, but I’m an amateur filmmaker. This was our biggest shoot to date, using 5 cameras simultaneously. It went quite well. The only problems we had (that we know of thus far) were lighting, some camera settings (some interlaced, some 4/3) but nothing we can’t work around. Fingers crossed.