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E3, Isn’t it Mandetory that I Blog About it?

Actually, I don’t care to write about E3. There are enough bloggers, game enthusiasts, fanboys and “journalists” out there covering every minute from every conceivable, repetitive angle. No, I don’t really want to write about E3. Well at least not directly.

What I will say is that the coverage on G4 has been really interesting. I don’t bother with the commentary. I can’t stand Morgan Webb, she drives me crazy but I wont get into the hosts since I didn’t watch them blather other than in fast motion forward. I’ve watched the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony keynotes, which were really interesting. Well, Microsoft and Sony’s were anyway.

In preparation for the Speed Racer movie coming in May, I decided it was time to introduce the kids to the cartoon. It was nothing like I remember it. It’s almost laughable how weird it is but the kids still loved it.
In related news we recently moved our big TV from one wall to another. I took the opportunity to clean up the wires and get the laptop connected. I’m thinking media hub…

What do you get when…

What do you get when you combine a 3 year old, tractors, Wii, and YouTube? A happy 3 year old.My son Nathan loves tractors and for the last year or so we’ve set him at the PC with YouTube and he surfs tractor videos, basically watching one and then clicking one of the next suggested. Now he’s able to do it with the big TV and the Wii remote. He was quite happy.

Soon after, my oldest Aidan and Nathan were grooving out to various They Might Be Giants toons. I was surprised that so many of the songs I dug as a kid were top billings in the searches.

TV, where have ye gone?

Sunday was good TV. Two awesome shows had their season finalies. The Wire, an amazing show on HBO concluded in typical awesome The Wire fashion, not missing a beat and wrapping up a thousand loose ends in a complex storm of political ties and buys. Simply amazing through and through. It’s too bad this show is over over. I mean, its the last season ever. What is HBO going to do now. I wonder if John Adams will be anygood. In Treatment is good too, but its just too much.

The other show that has impressed me to the extreme has been Breaking Bad. My wife says its crazy dramatic, to the point where she’ll leave the room because its built in such a make or break teater totter fashion that you’re seat edge gets plenty of use. Great show and its on AMC. They do swear on the show, but you can’t hear it (cut away) but still obvious. Makes me think this show was beyond AMC fashion. All I can say is I need more BrBa.