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First 1000 Gamerscore

I achieved my first 1000 gamerscore tonight, some accomplishment.  I’ve been keeping Borderlands on the back burner, intending to get that last achievement someday.  I had to reach level 50, which given their level balancing and the level cap for enemies, is tough.

Where has my head been?

I rented Fallout 3… And after 6 late nights with the game, I had to returned it. I’m going through withdrawals wishing I hadn’t taken it back. Oh well… I was at Target today and I would have dropped the $60 on it had I not already ordered it online a few days ago. It won’t be here for a couple days unfortunately. It’s probably for the best since I’ve got assignments due and a final next week.

Game: Mirror’s Edge

I’m playing Mirror’s Edge. It is quite an amazing game, though incredibly frustrating too. The buildings and ineriors and incredible. The feel of speed and motion is great too, and the falls (at least at first) make you cringe. The feeling of exhilaration and excitement too when you accomplish a stunt.

I really like the game I think, but the first run through is making me upset. I don’t see why I have to fight so many guys. I don’t see where to go and I don’t have time to look because 15 guys are shooting at me. To its credit for the most part it does a good job guiding the player along.

Happy New Year

A lot has been going on lately since I’ve had a long break from school and work. I’ve been spending (read wasting) my time in enjoyable ways.

Grades were posted for my class. I scored 100% on the final, so I got my A. My wife thinks I’m obsessed, but I have this really strong desire to get an A in all my classes.

Other than that, I played and beat Bioshock. It was a weird game. I played through the first bit three times sine I got the game, but didn’t really care for it and didn’t know what the big deal was. But this last time it was really engaging. I couldn’t wait to put the kids and wife to bed so I could play. It does get a little monotonous towards the end though, but all in all a truly awesome game.

Santa also brought me the Orange Box. Wow. Portal was a blast. That game is wicked cool. Trying to explain it to my friends was weird, but they eventually got it. My 5 year old was watching too, and started telling me how to do it. Though honestly, he wasn’t that much help.

I played some online Team Fortress 2. I got tea bagged, which isn’t something to brag about, but it happened. Ran into some pretty lame people too, a griefer and a screamer. Otherwise it was a lot of fun. For $20, Orange Box was totally worth it, and I haven’t even tried Half Life yet.

Classes start up soon again too, and I was so enjoying my time away.

A Wii Game Worth Owning

Boom Blox Rocks.

Target had a big 2 day sale which included Boom Blox for $20. Target was sold out, so I went to WalMart and had them match the price.

Totally worth it! It’s a Wii game that I actually turned on to play when the kids weren’t around. The wife and I played for almost 2 hours after the kids went to bed. My eldest son Aidan (5 years) was so excited to play it some more, he got up at 3:00 am to play it.

Tried to play it with my second son, Nathan (3 years) but he had a hard time aiming and then letting go of the button at the right time. He’s not really into video games.

Wii Music isn’t so bad

My wife rented WiiMusic for Thanksgiving weekend. Turns out that it isn’t that bad of a game. Who knew?

When E3 was on G4 I showed my wife Nintendo’s presentation keynote where they debuted WiiMusic. She thought it looked stupid and I agreed. It just had zero appeal at the time. The 40 somethings playing it poorly didn’t help either. It’s more than what you might expect, though I think its target audience is still young children.

The picture above shows my son Aidan (5 years) trying to figure out how to play violin. He is using my Mii. Note, the Christmas tree lights confuse the WiiMotes quite easily.

However, I don’t think it has much longevity. I can’t see myself, or my kids, coming back to it day after day. After trying out a couple modes and eventually unlocking the Mario theme song, I had enough.


Just something I’m playing around with for my Modification and Level Design class (GSP 340 at Devry). Its a modification of Chapter 5 from 3D Game Programming All in One using the Torque Game Engine.

I keep tweaking and changing. This is fun!

Wanderer! Nooooooo!

Upon recommendation from a podcast I listen to, the Video Game Show, I picked up Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer and although I love it, its a cruel, cruel game. When you die, you die. When you’re battery runs dead, so does your character. Oy!

I’m stocking up supplies now, trying to give myself an advantage.