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Game Prototypes

Follow the links for more information on the prototypes I’ve worked on.  Some are playable prototypes.

Hungry Monsters – Non-interactive prototype testing resource concepts in a Plants vs. Zombies clone.  Unity

Number Board Game – testing a simple game concept.  Made in one night and includes simple AI.  Unity

Bleeps Menu – Simple mock-up of a menu system for a game in development. Unity

Arcade Viewer – Interactive arcade cabinet vie, developed to demonstrate assembly and experiment with paint concepts. Unity

Bleeps Level Editor WIP – Paint terrain up and down.  A tool to help quickly make levels for use in the Bleeps game.  The desktop version allows for saving OBJ files and textures. Unity

Push Physics Battle – testing the concept of Pong with asteroids, where the players try to shoot and bump asteroids into he other player. Unity

Zombie Game – testing the play style of Tower Defense meets Flight Control game play. XNA

Ping – School senior project.  Concept sounded good, but in execution it wasn’t so great. XNA

Asteroid Apocalypse – school group project, made using XNA.  I was the lead designer and developer. XNA


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