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It’s Live: Deadly Chambers

We finally released the game!!! It’s called Deadly Chambers Beta. It’s available on Android GL ES 2.0 compatible phones, like the Droid, N1, Incredible, Devour, and a few others.

It’s “beta” because Rob is going to Google I/O this week and he wanted it in the market before he goes. Makes total marketing sense.

I have to say its really fun.

3 Responses to “It’s Live: Deadly Chambers”

  1. Bill Nagel says:

    congrats on getting it out.

  2. HaoG says:

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  3. Christopher says:

    Ryan, I just sent you a friend request on XBox Live, I'm about to start at DeVry online GSP and want to talk with you. My Gamertag is Everheart000. Your blog helped my decision to attend DeVry. So for that, thank you.

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